As of December 13 ,2013 COSMOS - a grocery chain store (within Tauria B company) entered into a relevant tenancy  agreement to become a major anchor  tenant  at the Mall  with the estimated selling area to account for 2,663 sq. meters.  Design works have already been launched.

The Cosmos food supermarkets are represented within the medium+ lineup. The company experts have spared no time or effort to carefully research into tastes and preferences shown by the Kievans so that the supermarket be in a position to offer well-known and popular goods. The company is of the opinion that, highly qualified and specially trained personnel is deemed as its priority task and winning formula ensuring high level of services to be provided. 

Tauria B Company is a well-established leader among Ukraine’s wholesalers and retailers, initiating development and implementation of new technologies in sales and catering  business.

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Shopping and Leisure Center To Arise in Podol
The three level Podol Mall is being erected pursuant to the schedule with the Developer showing high efficiency and quality approach. The works are now performed at level 3 which accounts for fast construction pace. Financing is provided in keeping with the relevant deadlines thus to ensure that the site should be commissioned as originally planned, i.e. quarter 4,2014.
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