The Podol Mall has been conceived as a classical 3 level shopping and leisure centre suitable for providing a variety of quality goods and full range of services to its attendees. It is worth noting that the Mall complies with major rules and principles accepted in the industry with a special focus on merchandising, logistics, anchor tenants,  public access sites and their proportions. The double entrance design ensures the facility round- the- clock operations. The project also accounts for  major anchoring functions, such as grocery store, household goods store, fashion-oriented stores,  center for kids, movie theatre, food court.



According to international classification principles and bearing in mind the Mall specification and design indices it might be referred to as “Neighborhood Center” type .


The Podol Mall functional characteristics might be classified as below:


Anchors as the Mall backbone:


   Food Products – Cosmos Food Supermarket 
   Leisure and Entertainment – Movie Theatre
   Fashion – Stores trading in  Male/Female ready- to-wear clothes
   Public Service Component – Club for Kids.


Shopping Gallery as one of the Mall major attractions:


   Ready-To-Wear Shops
   Shoe Shops
   Skin Care Shops & Drugstores
   Restaurants & Cafes


Services provided – the Mall convenience:


   Dress-making and Tailoring
   Beauty Parlour, Express Manicure
   Gift Wrapping



The Mall design concept as a whole as well as its facades, in particular, have been drawn up and developed by RTKL (Great Britain) – an architect bureau  of name and repute the world over majoring, among other things, in retail  space (go for detail  to: Their valuable recommendations on interior design have been also taken into account and highly appreciated. In this part of Europe RTKL has been known for its excellence in designing  Metropolis – one of the most successful shopping centers in Russia.



A very special marketing concept has been drawn up and developed for the Podol Mall to effectively meet requirements, and expectations of potential shoppers with the aim to ensure stable growth in attendance rates.  The Mall potential attendees  are  characterized by us  as  well-educated young people (mainly and substantially) with  pro-active attitudes and behavior, open to new knowledge and non-standard solutions. Such individuals are usually appreciative of life quality and time-saving possibilities, such as convenient location, one-stop shopping possibilities, etc. Apart from shopping as such they are keen on other assets inherent in a  mall which is viewed by them as a natural extension of family fare, living space  where they feel comfortable and homelike finding everything they need for everyday routine.  Our main message and mission is to provide a personal approach to each customer which is expressed by the PODOL MALL slogan: “We are always at home to you”.  The name “PODOL MALL” (word for word: Shopping Center in Podol) identifies both, the site location ( Podol) and type (Shopping Center).



Today’s shopping centers may be characterized by a relatively new trend, i.e.  socially oriented operations  located within the mall premises which, among other things, contribute to an  increase  in  customer loyalty. Besides, it helps shoppers to positively distinguish a certain mall among other shopping centers.  For the  Podol Mall it is the Podol Kids Club – an education and development center for children providing a wide range of relevant services concentrated in a single place; as of now  the Club would have  no equals in Kiev.


Last news
Shopping and Leisure Center To Arise in Podol
The three level Podol Mall is being erected pursuant to the schedule with the Developer showing high efficiency and quality approach. The works are now performed at level 3 which accounts for fast construction pace. Financing is provided in keeping with the relevant deadlines thus to ensure that the site should be commissioned as originally planned, i.e. quarter 4,2014.
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